BIOLOGIX - Test Tube (Polypropylene)

  • Available with two sizes: 12x75mm and 13x100mm;
  •  Premium polystyrene tubes are clear like glass while Polypropylene tubes are durable and does not scratch easily;
  • Round bottom fits most standard centrifugation machines;
  • Caps are precision molded from low-density polyethylene and designed to fit firmly on the tubes;
  • Working temperature: stable from -20°C to 60°C;
  • Non-sterile, and tested to withstand centrifugation of 5800 RCF;

BIOLOGIX - Test Tube (Polystyrene)


  • Available in two sizes: 12 x 75mm and 13 x 100mm
  • Non-sterile disposable test tube
  • Made of polystyrene
  • Round bottom
  • -20°C to 60°C stable temperature range
  • Tested to withstand 5,800 RCF


BIOLOGIX - Microscope Slide (Single Frosted End)

Slides with frosted area are made of high quality, highly transparent glass and are convenient for labeling and storage


BIOLOGIX - Microscope Slide (Plain)

The slides are with clean glass surface.Ground edges prevent personal injury and chipping of glass caused by the cut edges.The glass slide end faces are polished.The slides without frosted area can be effectively used

BIOLOGIX - Slide Storage Box 25-place & 100-place

● Biologix slide storage boxes are made of strong ABS material
● Biologix slide boxes are available in 25-place or 100-place sizes
● Biologix slide storage boxes is traditional cork or foam lining available
● Biologix slide storage boxes have 5 assorted colors available: red, yellow, green, blue, and white
● Biologix slide boxes stores 25mm ×75mm microscope slides
● Each slot of Biologix slide storage boxes is numbered to correspond to the slide inventory sheet inside the lid
● Biologix 100-place slide boxes are secured with a rust-resistant clasp and hinge pin

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