Trusted by fire and rescue crews around the world


Developed with the UK Fire & Rescue services MICROCHEM® 4000 APOLLO is a fully encapsulated liquid tight chemical suit designed for use in conjunction with self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)


Applications :
• Chemicals
• Oil and petrochemicals
• Pharmaceutical
• Agriculture
• Sewage purification installations
• Industrial and tank cleaning
• Emergency Services (HAZMAT, CBRN)


may also be suitable for use in Level B applications (according to US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) & NFPA guidelines).


MICROCHEM® 4000 APOLLO coveralls meet the following European Norms
• Type 3 EN14605 Liquid tight suit
• Type 4 EN14605 Spray tight suit
• EN14126 Barrier to infective agents
• EN1149-1 Anti-static


Ultrasonically Welded & Taped Seams
A feature throughout the MICROCHEM® 4000 range, this seam technology is our highest barrier to liquids and particulates.